Introducing Daily Field Report (DFR): Revolutionize Your Project Documentation Today!

Are you tired of sifting through stacks of paperwork and countless hours of manual data entry for your project documentation? Say goodbye to the hassle and inefficiency! Daily Field Report (DFR) is here to transform the way you manage, document, and report on your projects.

DFR streamlines project documentation with automated data collection, precise reporting, and seamless collaboration, revolutionizing the way firms manage their projects.

If your work involves managing field crews and you face the frustration of being in the dark about on-site progress, causing costly delays and communication breakdowns.  Our cutting-edge software is the antidote, delivering electrifying real-time updates and visually confirming work in action, empowering you to seize control and stay ahead of the game. Plus, it effortlessly streamlines daily documentation and crafts an epic project chronology, liberating you from the tedium of record-keeping and propelling your efficiency to exhilarating heights!

Key Project Management benefits of DFR for any sized project:

  1. Instant Insight: Access real-time updates from the field to know precisely what is happening on-site at any given moment, ensuring timely decision-making and issue resolution.
  2. Visual Verification: With geotagged photo documentation Project Managers can visually confirm that expected work is indeed taking place, providing a reliable means of quality control and accountability.
  3. Daily Documentation: The software automates the process of generating daily documentation, saving time and ensuring that all crucial project activities are accurately recorded and documented.
  4. Comprehensive Project Chronology: By aggregating data over time, a comprehensive project chronology and archive of work activities is created for a detailed historical record for future reference and compliance purposes.

Optimized projects mean more time, money, and quality, for happier teams and better work experience!

Streamline Your Data Collection and Reporting Efforts

With DFR, you can optimize every aspect of your project documentation process:

1️⃣ Create an Account/Subscription: Get started in seconds! Setting up your account is a breeze, and our pricing plans are tailored to fit small to medium-sized firms all the way to global enterprises.

2️⃣ Add Users: Collaborate seamlessly by adding team members who can contribute project data. No more miscommunication or missed updates.  You have built-in traceability and know exactly who contributed what and when.

3️⃣ Customer Organizations and Projects: Organize your projects effortlessly. Create customers/clients and associate them with specific projects for easy management.

4️⃣ Customize Project Activities: Tailor your project settings and activities to your exact needs. You’re in control of how you capture and manage data.

5️⃣ Automated Weather Data: Say hello to accurate weather data without lifting a finger. Our automated weather data collection and reporting feature keeps you informed at all times.  Select your weather station of choice from a vast array of existing weather stations.

6️⃣ Geotagged Worklogs: Track work progress with precision. Our geotagged worklogs come with customizable work classifications, ensuring you have detailed insights into your workforce.  Addionally, with Location Services enabled, photos are geotagged as well mapping exactly where each photo was taken.

7️⃣ Capture Data Effortlessly: You’re all set to capture data efficiently, reducing errors and saving valuable time.  Intuitive interfaces will impress and engage even the most technology-averse user.

8️⃣ Guest Users: Share project updates effortlessly by adding as many guest users as you need at no cost! Once assigned to a project, they can view project details without messing with your data or hounding you for updates.

9️⃣ Updated Dashboard: Stay in the loop with our user-friendly dashboard, showcasing the most recent project updates. Monitor up-to-the-minute work progress at a glance.

📈 Enhance Your Reporting Capabilities

Rapidly Search Your Data: Our built-in filters and serach options allow for rapid  identification of the data  you need.  When faced with thousands of photos, being able to quickly search by project, date range, uploader, captions, or tags, instantly puts you in command of your data!

Export PDF Reports: Need to present project updates to stakeholders? Generate professional PDF reports with just a few clicks.

🔐 Secure and Spacious Storage

200GB of Storage Per User: Worried about running out of space? You won’t have to. Each user enjoys a generous 200GB of storage, ensuring your project data is safe and accessible.  Additional storage can also be added if needed.

Data Security: Your data is stored with the highest level of security, ensuring its integrity and confidentiality.

Daily Field Report (DFR) is designed to work flawlessly for small to enterprise firms, offering unmatched flexibility, ease of use, and data accuracy. Streamline your project documentation, save time, and boost productivity today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your project management. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have already transformed their businesses with DFR. Get started with a free trial or contact us for a personalized demo today!

Upgrade your project documentation game with Daily Field Report (DFR) – because every detail matters!

Commercial Building Construction
Residential Construction
Industrial Construction
Road and Highway Construction
Bridge Construction
Tunnel Construction
Airport Construction
Railway Construction
Dam and Reservoir Construction
Utility Infrastructure Construction (Water, Sewer, Gas)
Oil and Gas Facility Construction
Renewable Energy Project Construction (Solar, Wind)
Environmental Remediation and Cleanup Projects
Hospital and Healthcare Facility Construction
Educational Facility Construction (Schools, Universities)
Retail Store Construction
Sports Stadium and Arena Construction
Hotel and Hospitality Construction
Theme Park and Entertainment Venue Construction
Historical Restoration and Preservation Projects
Landscaping Construction
Construction Stormwater Monitoring
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Simply create an account and you’ll be guided through the setup process.

Yes, you can add users to your account, allowing seamless collaboration and data contribution.  You can also add unlimited guest users with view only access.

You can create customer organizations and associate them with specific projects for easy management.

Absolutely, you have full control to customize project activities and settings to suit your specific needs.  Just update the default values in the Project Settings tab.

Yes, DFR automates weather data collection and reporting, keeping you informed in real-time.  DFR also has a weather archive allowing you to easily view past weather information in calendar format.

Yes, our geotagged worklogs with customized work classifications ensure precise tracking.  GPS coordinates are only captured at the ‘login’ and ‘logout’ instance allowing confirmation that the employee is at the expected location, while at the same time maximizing worker privacy.

In addition, all location-enabled photos preserve the GPS coordinates allowing for direct mapping of where each image was taken.

The software is designed for effortless data capture, reducing errors and saving time.  Projects have a “tile-based” data input view as well as project report “preview” mode allowing for flexibility in both contributing data as well as viewing the project data.

Certainly, you can add an unlimited number of guest users with view-only access to share project updates.  There is no fee associated with guest users, but they are unable to contribute any data to projects.

The home page dashboard displays the most recent project updates, providing an easy-to-read overview of work progress.  For each project, the five most recent photos posted are displayed enabling up-to-the-minute tracking of project progress.

You can export professional PDF reports with just a few clicks, making it easy to generate formal reports to share with stakeholders.

Each user gets 200GB of storage, ensuring your project data is secure and accessible.  Additional storage can be purchased.  All data is securely backed up with cloud storage.

Yes, our software is ideal for the smallest of small businesses as well as large organizations all across the world. Our advanced systems continuously monitor system health to ensure maximum performance across the globe.

Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial so you can experience the benefits of our software firsthand before making a commitment.3

Absolutely!  We have export capabilities for your projects so you can download and share all your project data with a few clicks.  You are always in control of your data!

We promote real-time data connectivity at every opportunity.  For remote sites without pre-existing internet access we recommend an internet service like Starlink to preserve data connectivity.  We do not currently have an ‘offline’ version of the software.

Thanks to the technological advances offered by services like Google Translate available for Google Chrome (instructions here), our software can be translated into hundreds of different languages.  While not 100% perfect translations, the automated translations are generally more than sufficient to get your crew up and running in just about any language.  See the list of supported languages from Google Translate here: